Tampa Hillsborough Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

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We are a private 501c(6) corporation that works with 800 partners to tell the world the story of Tampa Bay. 

The tourism industry is a significant driver of Hillsborough County's economic development.  The $3.6 billion in visitor spending supports a total of $5.6 billion in sales across the county, these sales create more than 48,000 jobs with associated incomes of over $2.1 billion.  Aside from jobs and income, Hillsborough residents benefit from tourism due to the $347 million it generates in state and local taxes revenues.

In line with the requirements by the Florida Statutes 288 . 1226 (13) (c), Tampa Hillsborough Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. is providing the following financial data:


2018 & 2019

Strategic Goals


To create vibrant economic development for our community by collaboratively increasing visitiation to Tampa Bay.


To inspire the world to love Tampa Bay.

strategic goals

Goal 1 – Increase Private Revenue

Goal 2 – Optimize Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Goal 3 – Take a Leadership Role in Shaping Our Tourism Industry

Goal 4 – Activate the Brand

Goal 5 – Accountability, Reporting, and Transparency

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